Why Patients Choose
Restore Vision Centers?

Restore Vision Centers is solely dedicated to laser vision correction, which truly makes us the specialists in LASIK and PRK. As the specialists, we are able to offer you with a high level of expertise and the most advanced technology available in order to give you superior results. 

We are passionate about what we do and strive to provide our patients with the best possible care. LASIK is life-changing and we want the entire process to be a rewarding and memorable experience.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose RVC for LASIK

  • refractive surgery experience

    01 | Experience

    Dr. Mark Walker and Dr. Eugene Iwanyk have each performed over 60,000 procedures.  With their vast experience, our surgeons know how to obtain precise results, handle complex cases, minimize any potential risks, and prevent complications.

  • Custom lasik eye surgery

    02 | Customized to Your Eyes

    You are unique and so are your eyes, which is why we offer the CustomVue Wavefront Guided treatment that is as individualized to you as your fingerprint.

  • laser vision correction specialists

    03 | Specialized

    Our practice is solely dedicated to laser vision correction.  This allows us to provide our patients with unparalleled expertise. Dr. Walker is the only LASIK-dedicated surgeon in the Pacific Northwest with a fellowship in refractive surgery.

  • refractive surgery results

    04 | Results

    Our surgeons combine their extensive experience and sophisticated laser vision correction technology to deliver impressive surgical outcomes.  Our enhancement rate (number of touch-ups following surgery) is 5%, which is less than half the national average (about 10%).

  • technology-blue

    05 | Advanced Technology

    Restore Vision Centers uses the most trusted technology in laser vision correction; CustomVue Wavefront Guided LASIK for a completely customized treatment and bladeless IntraLase.  These lasers have the most FDA approvals, which help our surgeons to provide safe and accurate treatments.

  • Laser Eye Surgery Safety

    06 | Safety

    At Restore Vision Centers, patient safety is our first priority and we take every precaution to minimize risks. Our doctors perform thorough consultations and will not recommend laser eye surgery if they believe you will not be a good candidate. The combination of experience, extensive staff training, the most advanced technology, and commitment to safety produces excellent surgical outcomes.

  • local refractive surgery centers

    07 | Local Care

    We work with a network of over 400 optometrists throughout the Pacific Northwest to provide you with local pre-operative and post-operative care. We believe that the quality care provided by our network of doctors enhances the entire LASIK experience. Restore Vision Centers has three convenient surgical centers located in Seattle, Spokane, and Boise.

  • Laser eye surgery satisfaction

    08 | Patient Satisfaction

    LASIK is life-changing. We strive to ensure the entire process is rewarding and memorable experience, but most importantly, we want each and every patient to love their vision.  We are honored and grateful that our top referral source is our previous patients.

  • Upfront LASIK Price Icon

    09 | Upfront Pricing

    Restore Vision Centers offers various procedures and technologies in order to meet your vision expectations.  Our pricing is straight-forward and competitive. Be sure to check out our seasonal promotions for additional savings.

  • finance refractive surgery icon

    10 | No Interest Financing

    Restore Vision Centers offers several financing options through Care Credit.  Our most popular financing option is our 24 month 0% interest which requires no money down, which makes your procedure even more affordable.

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