The LASIK Technology Behind the Results

As part of our commitment to providing you with the best possible outcomes and care, we have chosen precision lasers and treatment-planning software that meets our high standards for outstanding performance, manufacturing quality, track record, and safety features.

LASIK Uses Two Precision Lasers

IntraLase Laser Eye SurgeryIntraLase Bladeless Laser

The IntraLase “bladeless” laser makes it possible to have a 100% blade-free LASIK procedure.  This laser creates a thin flap on the cornea, which is the first step in the LASIK process.  The surgeon gently lifts this flap, then corrects your vision with the VISX Star S4 Laser.  The flap is then re-positioned, restoring your corneal surface to normal.

What does this mean for you? IntraLase creates a more precise and predictable flap than the bladed microkeratome.  These flaps are also stronger and more stable after LASIK.  It delivers micron-level accuracy, allowing the surgeon to tailor the size, shape, and depth of the corneal flap for each eye.  This results in a safer procedure with reduced dry eye symptoms.

IntraLase at a Glance

  • 100% Blade-free LASIK
  • Micron-level Accuracy
  • Fast: 15 to 30 Seconds per Eye
  • Less Dry Eye
  • Improved Safety

Wavefront Guided laser eye surgeryVISX Star S4 Excimer Laser

The VISX Star S4 laser corrects your vision by gently reshaping your cornea.  With the widest treatment range available in the United States, Wavefront diagnostics, Iris Registration, 3-D eye tracking, precision optics, and sophisticated variable beam delivery system, the VISX Star S4 laser has the most FDA approvals of any laser available.

What does this mean for you?  VISX is the most trusted laser vision correction technology and more people in the United States have been treated with the “gold standard” VISX laser than all other lasers combined.


Visx Star S4 Laser at a Glance

  • The Most FDA Approvals
  • Equipped with Wavefront Guided Technology
  • Widest Treatment Range in the US
  • Precision 3-D Eye Tracking
  • Iris Registration

The Visx Star 4 Laser is Equipped with Iris Registration and Wavefront Guided Technology, which vastly improves patients’ visual outcomes.

iris registrationIris Registration

Exclusive to the VISX Star S4 laser, Iris Registration (IR) provides the most precise laser alignment accuracy to date, resulting in safer and more accurate surgical procedures, and even better outcomes.

Used only in combination with the Wavefront Guided treatment, IR is a fully automated, no-touch technology that allows us to create a “fingerprint” of your iris with microscopic detail and precision.

As part of your consultation, we use Wavescan diagnostics to look at the tissues (cornea, lens, and retina) that impact the way light moves through your eye. During your surgery, IR creates a very detailed image of your iris, making it possible to align our laser perfectly to your eye. Since no two irises are the same, IR also ensures that the correct prescription is matched to the correct eye and patient. No other technology offers this assurance.

CustomVue WavefrontWavefront Guided Technology

Wavefront Guided technology allows for a complete, personalized treatment of the entire visual system.  It was originally developed by NASA for the Hubble space telescope to help reduce the distortion one might see when viewing objects positioned in outer space, but today it has revolutionized the refractive surgery industry.

The WaveScan completed during your consultation identifies even the smallest visual imperfections and this data is loaded into the VISX laser.  The laser can then use this data to treat your cornea, “customizing” your LASIK or PRK treatment to your exact visual needs.

Restore Vision Centers Wavefront Guided WaveScan

WaveScan is a personalized measurement of the entire visual system, including small imperfections and your unique prescription (including astigmatism).

Restore Vision Centers Orbscan

The Orbscan produces an incredibly detailed topographical map of your eyes. This full-color map provides our surgeons with detailed information about your corneas’ precise characteristics, such as their elevations, inclinations, corneal thickness, and curvatures.


Not All Technology is Created Equal

Wavefront “Optimized” is not Wavefront Guided!

Wavefront Guided

Wavefront Guided technology corrects more refractive errors than standard methods, making it 25 times more accurate. The Wavescan creates a customized map of your eye which guides your treatment. This makes it a completely customized treatment, as unique to you as your fingerprint. CustomVue Wavefront Guided technology also helps to reduce glare, starbursts, and halos at night.

Customized to You

Restore Vision Centers only offers you the best technology available. Our treatments are unique and customized to your eyes.

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Wavefront Optimized

A Wavefront "Optimized" treatment is not customized, but instead is based on your prescription and cannot target most of the smaller imperfections that a Wavefront Guided treatment can.

Not Customized

Wavefront Optimized sounds similar to Wavefront Guided, but it is not customized or unique to you.

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