Laser Vision Correction

From Consultation to Recovery

Nearly one million people per year change their lives with LASIK.  Our patients tell us that laser vision correction is one of the best things they have ever done, and their only regret is not doing it sooner.  The entire procedure is fast and has little to no downtime.

We have experienced the amazing results first hand.  At Restore Vision Centers, our surgeons and many of our staff have had refractive surgery.  We know exactly how you are feeling; it is normal to be nervous.

“Three of the great miracles in my life have been the birth of my daughter, the ’69 Mets, and the vision that I have been given by Restore Vision Centers. I only wish that Restore Vision Centers would have happened first so that I would have seen the other two better.”Vinnie

Did you know LASIK…

  • Takes less than 15 minutes
  • Is safer than over-wearing contacts
  • Costs less than a lifetime of contacts
  • Can be financed: 24 Month at 0%
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Your Guide to  LASIK 

At Restore Vision Centers, we want you to be comfortable with the entire process. We have created a guide so you are fully informed about your procedure, from the initial consultation to your recovery.

Download your complete guide:

LASIK: Consultation to Recovery

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Are you a candidate?

Schedule your Free Consultation

The first step in the laser vision correction process is to schedule a free consultation.  This exam will determine if refractive surgery is right for you.

This is a dilated exam and lasts about an hour and a half.

Preparing for your Consultation:

contact lenses

Remove Contacts for 1 Week
Contact lenses can “warp” your cornea, leading to an incorrect measurement of your prescription.  Please do not wear your soft contacts for one-week prior to your consultation.  If you wear hard contact lenses, remove your lenses at minimum one month prior to your exam.

transportation surgery day icon

Bring a Driver
We recommend arranging a ride home after your consultation.  Your eyes will be dilated and your vision may be blurred.

What to expect at the exam:

  • Our surgical technician will complete two different scans on your eyes: OrbScans and WaveScans.
  • Your eyes will be dilated.
  • You will watch a video about refractive surgery.
  • The doctor will measure your prescription and check the health of your eyes.
  • Our doctors will review your scans and explain your treatment options.
  • Ask questions. We want you to be fully informed and comfortable with the procedure.
  • If you are ready to move forward, schedule your procedure.

Are you ready to schedule your free consultation?  Contact Restore Vision Centers at 1-877-508-2020.

Are you currently pregnant or nursing?  Pregnancy can temporarily affect your prescription.  You will have to wait to have laser vision correction until 6 weeks after delivery, or 6 weeks after the completion of breast-feeding (whichever is later).

Read About Your
Surgery Day      During Surgery      Recovery

The Day of Your Refractive Surgery

Our surgeons have had refractive surgery, and know exactly how you are feeling.  It is normal to be both nervous and excited.

Preparing for Laser Vision Correction

contact lenses

Remove Contacts for 2 Weeks
Prior to surgery, do not wear your soft contacts for at least 2 weeks.  If you wear hard contacts, after your consultation, discontinue use of your lenses.

transportation surgery day icon

Arrange Transportation
On the day of surgery you will need to arrange transportation home.  At your one-day exam, the surgeon will determine if you have adequate vision to drive.  Most LASIK patients and many PRK patients are legally able to drive at this point.

food on surgery day icon

Eat and Drink
You may eat and drink normally.  Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours before and after surgery.

relax before surgery

Take time to relax.  You are in good hands.  Our surgeons have performed over 130,000 procedures.

Download complete list of Preparing for Surgery Instructions.

What happens on the Surgery Day:

  • Upon arriving at the surgical center, you will be introduced to your patient coordinator.
  • Your patient coordinator will go over post care instructions and answer your questions.
  • The surgeon will then conduct an eye examination.
  • You may be given an oral sedative to alleviate anxiety.
  • You will be escorted into the surgical suite and asked to lie down.
  • The procedure takes less than 15 minutes.
  • After the procedure is complete, the surgeon will take one last look at your eyes before you go to the relaxation suite.
  • We will alert your driver when you are ready and will see you the next day for your one-day appointment.

The duration of your visit will be 1.5 to 2 hours.  Most patients will resume their normal activities the day following surgery, including driving.

Restore Vision Centers would be happy to provide you with any additional information or answer any questions.

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Consultation      During Surgery      Recovery

Expectations for Surgery

LASIK Eye Surgery at Restore Vision CentersLaser vision correction is a safe and popular procedure that provides freedom from glasses and contacts.  Although millions of people have undergone laser eye surgery, there is still some apprehension about the procedure.  Our goal is to take the mystery out of this miraculous procedure.  We want you to be fully informed and comfortable with the entire process.  It is perfectly normal to be nervous, but rest assured you are in good hands.  Laser vision correction is virtually painless.  Patients will only feel a few seconds of pressure.

“I was extremely nervous…but the atmosphere is so calm. And it really isn’t that big of a deal – practially painless and really quick. They talk you through the entire process … the decision to get LASIK was pretty tough for me, but in retrospect I shouldn’t have doubted it for a moment! I can’t encourage others enough to make the same investment, and Restore Vision Centers is a wonderful place to do it.”Jennifer


What to expect: Your Guide to Laser Eye Surgery

  • – 1 –

    We will lead you into the surgery suite and ask you to sit on the laser bed.

  • – 2 –

    The surgical technician will help you lie down and make sure you are comfortable.

  • – 3 –

    Once you are comfortable, we will apply numbing eye drops to your eyes.

  • – 4 –

    Before the procedure begins, your surgeon will answer any additional questions or concerns.

  • – 5 –

    The surgeon will gently hold open your eyelids with a lid holder.

  • – 6 –

    You will be positioned and asked to focus on a fixated light.

  • – 7 –

    The surgeon will gently create a flap on the surface of the cornea. It takes only seconds per eye. The patient may feel a few seconds of pressure.

  • – 8 –

    Next, the surgeon will gently lift the flap. Your vision will be blurred. You will continue to concentrate on the light.

  • – 9 –

    The VISX Star S4 laser is used to reshape the cornea and correct your vision. As your vision is being corrected, you will hear clicking from the laser. This takes about a minute or less.

  • – 10 –

    The laser is equipped with eye tracking technology.  If your eye moves during the procedure the laser will track the movements and adjust accordingly.

  • – 11 –

    After the surgeon is finished with your treatment, he will gently place your flap back into place and apply more drops. Your eye will heal quickly and naturally.

  • – 12 –

    Throughout the procedure, your surgeon will let you know what is happening.

  • – 13 –

    The lid holder will be gently released, and the surgical technician will help you sit up.

  • – 14 –

    Vision will be blurry for the remainder of that day. You will receive sunglasses in your aftercare kit to help with light sensitivity.

  • – 15 –

    The surgeon will take another look at your eyes before you relax in the recovery suite.

The entire procedure is less than 15 minutes.

Following your procedure, you will have 4 to 5 hours of discomfort.  We recommend taking a nap during this time.  Most patients are able to drive the following day and resume their normal activities.

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Consultation     Surgery Day       Recovery

LASIK Recovery

Recovery is different for every patient.  Following the procedure,  LASIK patients will have 4 to 8 hours of discomfort, and PRK patients have 48 to 72 hours of discomfort. We recommend taking a nap during this time. Most patients are able to drive the following day and resume their normal activities.

Refractive Surgery Post CareEye Drops

Over the next 6 days, you will be required to use medicated eye drops to prevent infection.  You will also need to use lubricating eye drops.

LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Time IconRecovery Time

LASIK has a very fast recovery time.  Many patients resume their normal activities the day after their procedure, including driving.

Laser Eye ConsultationFollow-up

  • One-day
  • One-week
  • One-month
  • Three months
  • Six months (PRK and Farsighted Patients)

Laser Eye Surgery SafetySide Effects

With the advancements in laser vision correction technology, the procedure is safer and has few side effects. Following surgery, you will have halos and glares around lights for about six weeks.  For the next six months your eyes will be drier, which can be alleviated with lubricating eye drops.  The IntraLase technology creates a thinner flap, which can reduce long term dry eye symptoms.

Download instructions for Post-op Care:

LASIK Post-operative Instructions               PRK Post-Operative Instructions

Activity Schedule

  • recovery icon

    Post Surgery

    • Rest: a short nap is recommended
    • Avoid rubbing your eyes
    • Avoid watching TV and reading

  • post surgery icon

    24 Hours After Surgery

    • Can read and watch TV
    • Can fly, but generously apply artificial tears due to dry air
    • Can drive if adequate vision is confirmed
  • One Following Surgery Icon

    One Week After Surgery

    • Exercise is fine during the first week
    • Resume normal activities with caution

  • LASIK Recovery Icon

    Beyond One Week

    • After two weeks: may wear eye make-up
    • After one-month: may swim


If you have any questions about a specific activity, please contact Restore Vision Centers, 1-877-508-2020.

Read About Your
Consultation     Surgery Day       During Surgery

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