Monovision LASIK

Monovision LASIK

The gradual loss of near vision after age 40 due to the natural “aging” of the eye is called presbyopia.  This will occur whether you have laser vision correction or not, and LASIK patients over 40 will wear reading glasses for their near vision.

Some patients who wish to be less dependent on reading glasses choose an option called “monovision”.  In monovision, one eye is corrected for distance, while the other eye is corrected for near.  While the distance vision is not as sharp as a “full” distance correction, the trade-off can be worth it for patients who do not like relying on reading glasses.


Full Distance Correction vs Monovision

Distance Correction Icon

Full Distance Correction

  • Chosen by all patients under 40, and about 95% of patients over 40
  • Allows the clearest vision possible.
  • Allows full depth perception, so is usually the best choice for athletes, patients who drive a lot, and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Patients over 40 will require reading glasses for near vision.
  • Best for patients who: desire the best possible vision.

Monovision LASIK Icon


  • Chosen by about 5% of patients over age 40.
  • One eye is set for near vision, which allows patients to be less dependent on reading glasses.
  • Distance vision is not as sharp as a full distance correction.
  • Depth perception is affected, which is why some patients do not like monovision.
  • Often chosen by patients who have been wearing monovision successfully in their contact lenses.  Patients considering monovision are encouraged to try a contact lens trial of monovision before making their decision.
  • Best for patients who: are willing to sacrifice a bit of distance vision in order to wear reading glasses as little as possible.

Undecided about whether to choose monovision or not?  Our counselors and doctors can help you decide.

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