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Seattle, Spokane, and Boise

The first step in determining if LASIK or PRK is right for you is to set-up a free, no obligation consultation.  Our doctors will conduct a thorough eye exam, which will include:

  • A refraction evaluation to determine your eyes’ current prescription
  • A lensometer test to ensure that vision is stable
  • A pachymetery test to measure the cornea’s thickness
  • An Orbscan test to map the shape and contour of the cornea
  • Wavefront diagnostic scan
  • Eye dominance test
  • Eye dilation to evaluate the retina and optic nerve
  • Dry eye evaluation

This exam will last approximately an hour and a half.  It is a dilated exam, so you may want to bring a driver and sunglasses.  Do you wear contacts?  Contacts can “warp” your corneas and affect the accuracy of your prescription.  Please do not wear your soft contacts for one-week prior to your exam (hard contacts need to be out for at least a month).

LASIK Care for Pacific NorthwestLocal Exams

For your convenience, we have partnered with over 400 optometrists in the Pacific Northwest to provide local consultations and post care for our patients.  Ask Restore Vision Centers if there is a doctor in your area.

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