LASIK vs Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses Vs LASIK eye surgery

Is Laser Vision Correction the Better Option?

Approximately 36 million Americans wear contact lenses to reduce their dependence on glasses.  Is laser vision correction the better alternative?  At Restore Vision Centers, we have found that fear and cost are the top reasons people wait to have refractive surgery.  Many people choose contacts over laser eye surgery since it is perceived as safer and more cost effective, when in reality contacts can be more expensive and unsafe when over-worn.

Laser Eye Surgery Safety


Recent studies have found that LASIK eye surgery is a safer alternative to wearing contact lenses in patients who do not properly care for their contacts.  Daily contact lens wearers have about a one in 100 chance of a serious eye infection, and this increases with improper care including sleeping in contacts or over-wearing them.  A study published in the Archives of Ophthalmology in October 2006, found that contact lens wearers have a one in 2,000 chance of significant visual loss from infection, whereas in LASIK surgery the chance is one in 10,000 cases.  Recent advances in laser vision correction technology have yielded unsurpassed safety and visual outcomes.

refractive surgery price


Laser vision correction is an investment in your vision, and is more cost effective than a lifetime of contact lens wear.  The average 30 year old will spend over $30,000 in their lifetime on contacts and glasses.  Restore Vision Centers offers competitive pricing, seasonal discounts, and 24 month 0% financing to make laser vision correction a more affordable option.

If you are currently wearing contacts, you understand that there are additional non-monetary costs.  Contacts can affect your lifestyle.  Even simple things like waking up in the middle of the night and trying to find your glasses can be difficult.  Laser vision correction provides you with freedom and clear vision.  Restore Vision Centers wants you to experience that moment when you wake up and can see your alarm clock.

Reviews and Testimonials

Other Reasons to Have LASIK

  1. Increase your quality of life.
  2. Not having to use water or store your contacts in a cup since you forgot your case or solution at home
  3. No more dealing with uncomfortable contacts
  4. Saving time during your daily routine
  5. Not having to worry about a rip or tear in your contact lens
  6. Not having to worry about losing a contact
  7. Being able to see anytime, anywhere

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