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Spokane LASIK Reviews and Testimonials

At Restore Vision Centers, we combine our vast experience with the best technology available to provide excellent results for our patients. This has led to our number one referral source being our previous patients. LASIK has changed many of our patients’ lives and we are honored to be apart of the experience.

Spokane LASIK Patient Review

” I had not really planned to do an eye surgery until I learned my health savings was going to disappear unless I used it. I spoke with friends about options I would have and eye surgery was the best suggestion I received. I spoke several friends and family members who had already had eye surgery and called several locations. I decided Restore Vision in Spokane was my first choice as I was hooked from the first telephone consult. I felt that the costs were reasonable and because one friend was so pleased with her surgery, I set my appointment immediately.

One aspect that was important to me was the opportunity to receive follow-up care near my home in Montana, which was super awesome although I don’t mind an escape to Spokane periodically. Originally my vision was horrible and at my 6 month follow-up appointment post surgery, we decided there might be a need for another attempt to get closer to 20/20. I went back to Spokane and had the 2nd surgery free per the guarantee Restore Vision offers. I was treated respectfully, spoken to kindly and without any hesitation, I would strongly recommend Restore Vision in Spokane, Washington.

I look forward to the day I can bring my children in for their surgery as I would have loved to do this 20 years ago. Thanks Restore Vision for my vision and taking such great care of me.”

Ronan, Montana

review quoteAs you see from every review – this has been the best investment I have ever made. I started wearing glasses in the second grade, around 1976. In 1983 I moved to contacts and thought that was amazing. No more coke-bottle-bottom glasses. Horrible eyesight and the style at the time made for very heavy glasses. Anything 4 inches from my nose was blurry. I was told with such bad eyesight and astigmatism, refractive surgery would not work for me. Well, times change and technology evolved.

I had PRK done on Friday morning and by my follow up appointment Saturday morning … I was seeing 20/20. For someone that had worn glasses for almost 40 years … it was amazing. I would giggle at everything I saw as my wife drove me home! There was some discomfort, but it was absolutely worth it. Wish I had done It sooner! Thank you Dr. Walker and all the staff!”

Rik Johnson  |  Spokane, Washington

review quoteMy wonderful husband gave me the precious “gift of sight” for Christmas. It was a complete surprise! The arrangements were all made with the consultation visit and procedure scheduled. You can only imagine the excitement. I was thrilled, yet anxious and skeptical. I knew nothing about Restore Vision Centers in Spokane. Being a nurse, I had questions and concerns. I have worn glasses or contacts since the third grade, and have been totally dependent on them for any activity. The staff was extremely friendly and professional. They went out of their way to make the experience a pleasure and as stress-free as possible – and answered all of my questions. The procedure was amazingly quick and painless. It is so awesome to wake up in the morning and actually be able to see clearly without having to grab for my glasses. I strongly encourage anyone thinking about LASIK eye surgery to contact Restore Vision Centers for a consultation. It is a miracle that this procedure can actually “restore” someone’s vision.”

Cheryl Howerton  |  Spokane, Washington

review quoteI am writing to thank the doctors and staff of Restore Vision Centers in Spokane for a wonderful experience during the process of correcting my vision.It is hard to describe how much laser vision correction has enhanced my life. As a backpacker, freedom from glasses means less to pack, no vision worries during inclement weather, and a greater field of vision.”

Randy Altmann  |  Spokane, Washington

review quoteThis totally elective surgery procedure has been a wonderful, life-changing experience for me. I was definitely in professional hands at Restore Vision Centers, located in Spokane, Washington. What a dream come true as I find out more and more every day. My previous limitations are now gone as I can enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, ATV riding, snowmobiling, etc., all without the hassle of wearing glasses all of the time. I have had 20/15 vision in both eyes for every one of my follow-up appointments. It’s almost unbelievable what this procedure did to my happiness and confidence level, being able to get rid of my glasses and contacts. If you are a good candidate for this procedure and would like a positive, life-changing experience, then please take the time to visit Restore Vision Centers of Spokane.

Since my surgery a little over three months ago, two of my relatives have also had their eyes refreshed, if you will, and they are also now enjoying the freedom. And I recently heard a close friend of mine is going to have it done soon. It changed my life and I think it could change yours, too.

Thanks for reading and a big Thank You to Restore Vision Centers!”

Waylon Preslicka  |  Spokane, Washington

Did you have any issues with your glasses or contacts?

“I have always been a frequent contact wearer. There have been many times where I have lost a lens or doing anything outdoors (camping or snowboarding) where I need a lens to function. It is a constant worry to have vision and not have a back up plan or not have solution to store my contact lenses.”

How was your experience at Restore Vision Centers?

“It was awesome! Everyone was so helpful with explaining step by step of how the process would go, which really helped with my anxiety. The procedure was so much easier than I had ever anticipated. Super fast and very little discomfort!”

How has LASIK affected you day to day?

“My mornings and nights are so much easier. No more worrying about putting contacts in as soon as I wake or laying down in bed, then realizing I forgot to take my contacts out.”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about LASIK?

“I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about LASIK to do it now! Now that I have had it done, makes me regret not doing this years ago. My vision is so much more crisp and clearer than I would have imagined!”

Kim Ruhnke  |  Missoula, Montana

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