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Our Seattle Patients Share Their LASIK Experiences

Read about our Seattle patients’ LASIK experiences at Restore Vision Centers. We continually strive to provide our patients with the best possible care and amazing results at a cost-effective price.

Seattle LASIK Patient

“After LASIK, I now start out each day differently.  Before, I relied on one of my daughters to tell me what time it was when we woke up.  I usually got something back like, “20:65″.  I had to agree since I couldn’t see the clock.  But now I can correct them because I can see everything as soon as I open my eyes.  What a revelation!

LASIK has helped in all phases of everyday life for me.  When traveling with the Mariners or other teams, I don’t have to worry about packing my contact gear or glasses and cleaners and cases.  Allergies can make wearing contacts a challenge for me.  Not anymore.  Now I can enjoy the new video board at Safeco and pick up the seams on a slider from the press box.

The only negative is that now I see so well that I remove all doubt whether or not my golf ball went in the water.  But even that’s ok.  Restore Vision Centers is a game changer for me.  Best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

Brad Adam
Host of Mariners pre/post-game
Seattle, WA

review quoteAfter dealing with glasses since age 8, and the years of contacts, infections, allergies and other unbearable issues, I finally took the plunge and got LASIK. Everyone in the office was so kind and sensitive to my worries and fears about the process. I appreciated the understanding. Dr. Walker has a real gift as a doctor and communicator! He was so thorough in everything he did before, during, and after. He was willing to make sure I understood every step of the process. As a chronic worrier, I appreciate that!

I haven’t had any issues at all and my sight is incredible. It has been exciting to take vacations and other trips without packing contacts, fluid, and glasses. It also takes less time to get ready every morning! I can also exercise without dry eyes or bouncy glasses. And without infections or scratchy lenses, my quality of life is 1000% better. It’s these little things that make the procedure so worth it. My one regret is that I didn’t do this sooner! My eyes, which were once a source of constant worry and anxiety, are now an afterthought, because my vision is so good. In fact, I forget I ever wore glasses! Thank you. I will continue to refer friends to your practice.”

Liz Dueweke  |  Seattle, Washington

review quoteMy procedure with Restore Vision Centers in Renton, Washington, was a very pleasurable experience. The staff was very accommodating and informative regarding the process of the surgery. When one goes through a process such as laser vision correction, fear and uncertainty has a tendency of overwhelming one. However, the staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Therefore, I would recommend Restore Vision Centers for your LASIK eye surgery.

Thank you for everything!”

Angela Davis  |  Tigard, Oregon

review quoteBefore having surgery at Restore Vision Centers in Renton, Washington, I was dependent on my glasses for everything from reading and watching TV to driving a car at night. After my procedure, I am free from worrying about wearing glasses and having them get in the way of my daily life. I am thankful to Restore Vision Centers for giving me my sight back and the freedom from glasses. It was the best thing I could have done and I recommend having LASIK surgery to everyone I know that wears glasses.

Thank you, Restore Vision Centers, for my wonderful sight and the freedom from wearing glasses.”

Dawn Stewart  |  Federal Way, Washington

review quoteI was very nervous about eye surgery, although, my vision was truly terrible. Everyone put me at ease. On the day of surgery, I was particularly frightened, but Dr. Walker assured me that was normal – just something to accept. The actual surgery really was not frightening AT ALL, and no pain or discomfort. After surgery, all pain was no worse than an eyelash in the eye – quite manageable and only for one or two days.

For me, swimming without eyeware is THE BEST. Wow! The world is beautiful, and now I can see it clearly.

I got monovision and really appreciate seeing both near and far with no glasses.

The staff at Restore Vision Centers is wonderful. It also takes surprisingly little time, even including initial exams and follow-up appointments.”

Linda Jenné  |  Maple Valley, Washington

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