Restore Vision Centers Corporate Discount Program

Employees Receive a LASIK Discount

If your company employs 10 or more people, we would love to offer your company an exclusive employee discount to enhance your benefits package at no cost to your business.

To help you communicate this benefit to your employees, we offer any combination of the following:

  • Informational booklets about the LASIK procedure, our doctors, and pricing
  • Seminars for your team about laser vision correction
  • A Restore Vision Centers representative can come to your company during lunch to answer employee questions
  • Customized flyers and posters
  • Participation in company health fairs
  • Graphics for newsletters, emails, website, etc.

Restore Vision Centers will work with your team to setup this program to insure that it suits your company and employees.

We will handle all of the details and answer any of your questions.  Please have your HR Manager or Benefits Coordinator contact us at 1-877-508-2020 for more details.

Join Our Discount Program

Do you have multiple employees in your office that want LASIK? Restore Vision Centers will work with your team to create a corporate discount.

Contact our office today:

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