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Central Oregon Testimonials

Restore Vision Centers has helped Central Oregon residents see clearly for over ten years. We are honored that our number one referral source is our patients. A few of our patients wanted to share their LASIK stories with you.

Bend LASIK Patient Review

Larry’s LASIK Experience

How long have you been thinking about LASIK?
“Several years. Both of my children had the procedure and they both see great!”

Did you have any issues with your glasses or contacts?
“Yes, I couldn’t keep my glasses clear. They fog up when it’s cold and they are always in the way. Contacts? That was the most miserable “seeing” year of my life!”

How was the procedure?
“Quick, painless and interesting. A potentially stressful situation was avoided by the great team that helped me through the entire process. From the office personnel to the doctors, everyone has been great. I live in a much clearer world now! Thank you!”

review quoteI had a great surgery and loved how the surgeon took the time to walk me through everything he was doing. I will always recommend your services. Thanks again! I have 15/20 vision now!”

Robbie M  |  Redmond, OR

review quoteDear Restore Vision Centers of Central Oregon,

I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me. Everyone was very nice and I am thrilled with my results. I love telling people about my experience and your excellent office.”

Liska Stokes  |  LaPine, OR

review quoteI have worn glasses or contact lenses since I was five years old. My vision was so poor I couldn’t find my glasses when they dropped on the floor! I have wanted laser eye surgery since it first became available and I’m so glad I went with Restore Vision Centers in Central Oregon. My surgeon and the staff were very caring and supportive, and my results with the PRK laser surgery have been amazing. It’s a whole new world for me! I highly recommend Restore Vision Centers.”

Colleen Robbins
102.9 FM KSJJ | Bend, Oregon

review quoteHave a screening to see if you are a good candidate. If I would not have talked to Restore Vision Centers, then I would have continued believing there was nothing I could change. I was sick of my glasses fogging up in the winter, having difficulty seeing at night, and contacts that dried out my eyes – I was ready to regain my active lifestyle!

The staff and doctors were excellent. The procedure was well explained and easy. Dr. Iwanyk explained everything as we went through.

My favorite part about having LASIK is waking up and seeing the alarm clock, seeing distant trees, enjoying the beautiful outdoors, and the clarity of not living in a fog anymore. I also like that my eyes do not get as tired so I can drive better at night.

This has been the best experience in my life – having clear vision and getting back to my active lifestyle.”

Theresa Mayer  |  Bend, OR

review quoteWhen I was 10 years old, my eye doctor told me I needed glasses, but I was not impressed. I actually went several years refusing to wear them. Eventually, my eyesight got to the point that I had to give in and get contact lenses. I wore contacts for almost 10 years and hated them. I had considered LASIK surgery, but the idea of eye surgery was scary to say the least. Then I connected with the doctors and staff at Restore Vision Centers in Central Oregon. The information they shared with me was very detailed and their experience put me at ease with the idea. The surgery was not an unpleasant experience and the follow-up was thorough and informative. I am so thrilled I finally had the surgery. It’s like I have the eyes I had before I needed glasses. It truly has made my life more comfortable and easy, and I love my vision now.

Thank you Restore! Your doctors and staff are top notch!”

David Miller  |  Bend, Oregon

review quoteAre you tired of wearing contact lenses or glasses? Maybe you are a part-time glasses wearer. Personally, I think that’s worse than wearing them all the time, because you always have to remember your glasses wherever you go. That was me only a few months ago. I was nearsighted and constantly taking my glasses on and off. I had a pair of specs in every room of the house with a TV, plus in my car. I always had to be sure I had not only regular glasses but sunglasses as well. And how many times did I forget to take my glasses into the movie theater? So I went to Restore Vision Centers in Central Oregon and took care of the hassles once and for all. I had LASIK surgery and now I never have to worry about forgetting my glasses again. No matter where I am, I can see perfectly. Can you imagine how nice that would be not to have to deal with glasses or contact lenses? Well, you don’t have to imagine. LASIK surgery is quick and painless and the accuracy of the procedure is amazing. Call Restore Vision Centers and just set up a consultation – what do you have to lose? Check it out, ask all the questions you want and decide if LASIK surgery is for you.”

Leslie James
98.3 FM – The Twins | Bend, Oregon

review quoteIn early 2006, Lisa and I had monovision LASIK surgery at Restore Vision Centers in Central Oregon. The concept is simple and the results phenomenal. For monovision, LASIK surgery is done only on the dominant eye. The non-dominant eye had no correction done. Lisa has worn glasses most of her life and I’ve worn contacts or glasses for well over 20 years. Bifocals were never a favorite for me and I experimented with monovision using a single contact. That combination allowed me to see up close and distant with fairly good results.

The quick and painless LASIK surgery on the dominant eye proved to be even more successful than monovision with a contact. After Lisa saw how much I enjoyed the freedom from glasses or contacts and the rituals associated with them, she scheduled her monovision surgery about a month later.

Whether you’re across the room watching TV or sitting in front of a computer monitor, everything comes into focus. In very dim light we occasionally use cheaters for reading, but we did that before. Night driving was never comfortable with glasses or contacts; there was always a glare. Night driving with monovision is a significant improvement and while we thought we might need a “half pair” of glasses for night driving, we found that wasn’t necessary. In fact, the night sky (especially in Central Oregon) is a site to behold!

Solutions, contact lenses, lens cleaner, shopping for frames, misplaced or forgotten glasses; that’s all gone. No, that’s not entirely true . . . we can still misplace a nice pair of sunglasses!

Steve and Lisa Ilk  |  Prineville, Oregon

review quoteI started wearing glasses at age 13 and wore them for 43 years. When I decided to look into LASIK surgery, I was told by my eye doctor that my vision was 20/400 with astigmatism in both eyes. Basically, I needed glasses just to be able to find my glasses! Now, only one week after my surgery, I am seeing 20/20. I don’t think I ever saw 20/20 before, so I am literally looking at everything with fresh eyes. It’s like going from cable to digital!

If you’re sick of fighting with glasses or contacts, then call Restore Vision Centers or check out their website. I have recommended Restore Vision Centers to both my sons, my mother-in-law, several friends at the gym, and I recommend them to you, too. The surgeon and staff were able to answer all my questions and put me at ease both before and during the procedure. It has just been a real positive experience for me from my initial exam, to my surgery, and now with my post-op care.

We live in such a beautiful area here in Central Oregon, and now, after LASIK, it’s seems even more fantastic. I can’t wait to try out my new vision this hunting season. My wife says if I don’t get a deer this year it won’t be because of my vision!”

David Kindle  |  Crooked River Ranch, Oregon

review quoteI wore glasses from the age of eight. When I was in the second grade, I couldn’t see the chalkboard from the back of the class, so I got moved to the front row – and still couldn’t see. I was very active playing sports, and was always breaking my glasses and did not have a back-up pair. When I was in college, I started to wear contacts, and after years of having to deal with solutions and always having extra lenses available, I got frustrated with the whole ordeal and called Restore Vision Centers. The staff answered all of my questions about the LASIK procedure that Dr. Ivanyk performs, and made me feel at ease about the idea of going without glasses. My vision was 20/600 before the procedure and now I am at 20/20 – and was told it could get even better. I would recommend Restore Vision Centers to anyone considering having LASIK! Now I can wear the cool sunglasses that I couldn’t wear before and now I don’t have to pack three pairs of glasses or extra contacts!”

Jim “Jimbo” Schoebel
KSJJ 102.9 | Bend, Oregon

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