At Restore Vision Centers, we are passionate about LASIK and PRK.  It is all we do.  As specialists in laser vision correction, we are able to provide our patients with highly skilled surgeons, the best technology and expertise, resulting in amazing outcomes and patient care.  We believe that everyone deserves to love their vision.

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  • Specialist: Performs only LASIK and PRK
  • Experience: Over 100,000 Procedures
  • Established: One of the Longest Standing Refractive Surgery Centers
  • Convenient: 5 Surgical Centers across the Pacific Northwest
  • Accuracy: Our enhancement rate (touch-up after surgery) is 1/2 of the national average

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Dr. Walker on LASIK

Mark Walker, MD is Restore Vision Centers Chief Surgeon and Owner

LASIK Surgeon, Dr. WalkerQuotes IconIn my opinion, the LASIK procedure is one of the true marvels of modern medicine.  The ability to rid a patient’s dependence on glasses or contacts with a 15-minute procedure still amazes me to this day.

The advances in laser vision correction technology in the past decade have been truly stunning.  From bladeless Intralase to NASA-developed Wavefront Guided laser treatments, the results and safety of modern LASIK is unsurpassed.  New studies are showing that LASIK is safer than contact lens wear in those who over-wear their contacts (like I used to).

I started performing refractive surgery in 1999, and in 2000 had the procedure myself.  I remember that at the time I was having no particular problems wearing contact lenses, but they made things like swimming, exercise, and camping difficult.  After LASIK, there is a great freedom in not being reliant on a pair of glasses or contacts for simple things like watching TV or driving a car.  Ask any patient; they will tell you the same thing.  The 70,000 procedures I have performed since then have included my wife, many friends, coworkers, and eye doctors.

During my patients’ follow-up care, the most common thing I hear is, “I should have done this years ago.”  Now is the time for this life-changing procedure.  The consultations are free; let us show you how LASIK can change your life.”

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Right to Choose

Laser Vision Correction Technology and Procedure

At Restore Vision Centers, we offer a variety of laser vision correction technology so you can choose the procedure that best fits your  lifestyle and budget.  Our surgeons will help determine which procedure will work best for you.

Our most advanced and popular procedure is iLASIK.  It is considered the “best of the best.”  ILASIK combines bladeless LASIK with the accuracy of Wavefront Guided technology.

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Free Consultations

Schedule Your Free, No Obligation Exam

At Restore Vision Centers, we offer free consultations.  Our doctors conduct a thorough exam to determine if laser vision correction will work for you.  We want you to be fully informed and comfortable with the entire procedure, so please ask us your questions!  Contact Restore Vision Centers to schedule your free consult.

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Competitive Pricing

Restore Vision Centers is Upfront About Prices

At Restore Vision Centers, our prices are based on the technology that you choose.  Our prices include your procedure, pre and post care, an after care kit, and an enhancement warranty.  We also offer 24 month 0% financing and seasonal discounts to make laser vision correction even more affordable.

Laser Eye Surgery Locations

5 LASIK Eye Surgery Centers

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LASIK Care Across Pacific NorthwestConvenient Local Care

Restore Vision Centers works with over 400 optometrists across the Pacific Northwest to provide our patients with convenient care.  We believe that distance should not limit your options for laser vision correction.  Contact Restore Vision Centers to find an optometrist in your area.

Proudly Serving the Pacific Northwest Since 1999

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