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At Restore Vision Centers, our commitment to quality begins with the equipment we use for laser vision correction. We believe that staying abreast of the most current and advanced technology is vital to providing excellent LASIK care. Our high-quality systems and outstanding results bring patients from as far away as Billings, Montana, to our Spokane, Washington, location. We offer wavefront LASIK, iris registration, and a wide range of other high-end technologies to achieve the best possible vision correction outcome.

Iris Registration

Iris registration is a new landmark technology that sets the standard for LASIK safety and accuracy. Available to patients from the Billings, Montana, area and throughout Washington state at our Spokane location, iris registration, exclusively from VISX, works with wavefront LASIK to provide a fully automated and customized treatment plan that is applied precisely to the correct location on the eye. Iris registration uses technology that is similar to security eye scanners to take a fingerprint-like map of the eye. Using this map, treatment is aligned to the cornea with extreme precision and accuracy.

When eye measurements are taken prior to surgery, the patient is sitting upright. Once the patient lies down for treatment, the eyes change shape slightly, due to gravity. Iris registration technology is able to align treatment to the eye by recognizing unique points in the pattern of the iris. This allows the system to detect and accommodate for the shift in shape, as well as any other eye movement that takes place before or during surgery. An important added safeguard is that the laser will immediately pause if the eye moves outside the established parameters.

Patients who are candidates for iris registration will receive its benefits at no extra charge.

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VISX Star 4 Excimer Laser with wavefront Technology

Since LASIK is our only business, we don't settle for just any excimer laser. For our Billings, Montana, and Spokane patients in eastern Washington, we provide wavefront LASIK surgery with the VISX Star S4. We choose to use this laser because of its reputation as the premier system in the field of LASIK technology. This highly advanced instrument has several features that increase comfort, improve accuracy, and shorten procedure times. Some of these features include:

Variable Spot Scanning (VSS)

While many systems use a one-size-fits-all laser beam, the VISX Star S4 beam can be adjusted for size and shape with Variable Spot Scanning. This allows for advanced customization of the LASIK treatment and a reduction in the amount of corneal tissue removed. By focusing the beam only where ablation is needed, this system achieves optimal results while maintaining the stability of the cornea.

Variable Repetition Rate (VRR)

Variable Repetition Rate technology allows the laser pulse rate to change throughout the procedure. In smaller areas, the laser can deliver more rapid pulses, removing corneal tissue more quickly and reducing the overall treatment time. Shorter procedures are more comfortable for the patient and reduce chances of error or complication.

ActiveTrak 3-D Active Eye Tracking

The ActiveTrak 3-D Active Eye Tracking system allows the VISX Star S4 to detect up and down or side to side movements of the eye, allowing patients to relax instead of trying to keep their eyes perfectly still. The laser can accommodate for these movements, keeping the treatment properly aligned with the cornea and delivering optimal vision correction.

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WaveScan Diagnostics

When patients from Billings to Spokane come to our eastern Washington location for wavefront LASIK, we use WaveScan diagnostics. This step is what makes it possible to customize the LASIK treatment and reach the optimal vision correction result. Originally developed to aid in viewing distant objects through high-powered telescopes, the technology allows the system to detect and account for the tiniest of corneal irregularities.

Prior to the surgery, the WaveScan system makes a detailed map of the corneal surface. Because the WaveScan technology precisely measures refractive error 25 times more accurately than can be achieved with traditional methods, our ability to correct it effectively is dramatically improved. The equipment also detects and records any tiny imperfections in the shape of the cornea that may affect treatment.

The WaveScan system automatically processes the information and transfers it to the laser as a set of instructions. Following these instructions, the VISX Star S4 delivers treatment that is customized to each individual eye, taking into account the unique characteristics and variations of each individual cornea. Unlike one-size-fits-all vision correction, which uses a set of standardized tools to bring a person's vision into an acceptable range, the WaveScan diagnostic and wavefront LASIK systems determine the precise treatment necessary to reach a patient's optimal vision potential.

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Orbtek Orbscan

While LASIK treatment focuses on the outer surface of the eye, there are sometimes irregularities within the cornea that cannot be addressed by treating the cornea's outer surface. For that reason, we use the Orbtek Orbscan system during the screening process, to create a detailed topographical map of the cornea, inside and out. This equipment allows us to see any internal abnormalities that may interfere with a desirable LASIK outcome, preventing patients from undergoing a LASIK procedure that will not fully correct their vision.

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Hansatome Microkeratome

The Hansatome microkeratome is the most trusted in flap-cutting devices. This fully automated system sets a new standard in reliability and accuracy. The corneal flaps created using this instrument are larger and thinner than those made by other microkeratomes and are subject to lower rates of complication. Thinner, wider flaps allow more area to be treated while maintaining corneal stability and promoting more rapid healing.

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Flap Aspiration

Flap aspiration is not an advanced technology, but we perform it at Restore Vision Centers because of the benefits it provides our patients. The process simply involves cleaning the surfaces of the cornea and the corneal flap after the LASIK procedure and before repositioning the flap. Many practices no longer take the time to do this, but we believe performing flap aspiration is worth a few extra minutes to prevent complications and reduce healing time.

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If you live in or around Spokane, Washington, the Billings area, or between, your wavefront LASIK destination is Restore Vision Centers. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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From Spokane, Washington, to Billings, Montana, we offer wavefront LASIK technology to patients who want to see more clearly, reduce their dependency on glasses or contact lenses, and get the most out of their refractive surgery experience.

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