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Even though the risks and side effects of laser eye surgery are minimal, we recommend our patients follow a number of steps after the procedure to ensure the best recovery possible.

LASIK and PRK patients will be given anti-inflammatory eye drops, which need to be used according to the directions given. A prescription for Vigamox, an antibiotic eye drop, will be provided and needs to be filled before or immediately after surgery. Additionally, a starter packet of lubricating eye drops (artificial tears), goggles for sleeping, and extra-dark sunglasses are included in your after-care kit.

Recovery from LASIK and PRK is quick and has very little impact on your lifestyle. Immediately following laser eye surgery, there are a number of things you should refrain from doing. Do not vigorously rub your eyes. Wear good quality sunglasses. No eyeliner or mascara may be used for two weeks following the procedure. Swimming, pools, hot tubs, racquet sports and tanning booths should be avoided for a period of time. Wear protective eyewear for yard work.

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At the LASIK Seattle offices of Restore Vision Centers, patients can expect to receive advanced treatments and attentive care. With offices located throughout the Pacific Northwest, Restore Vision Centers offer the highest quality vision care for Seattle, Boise, Durham, Bellevue, Renton and Portland LASIK patients. The surgeons of Restore Vision Centers are especially proud to offer custom LASIK, a highly individualized form of vision correction as well as IntraLase corneal flap creation for all-laser or blade-free LASIK. In order to help patients select the most appropriate treatments, they perform thorough pre-surgical consultations, during which time they answer any questions their patients might have.

Restore Vision Centers - providing wavefront LASIK and other types of laser eye surgery to patients from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Montana.

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