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Portland LASIK CenterHaving performed more than 100,000 LASIK procedures combined, the Portland laser eye surgery professionals at Restore Vision Centers are proud to have helped so many LASIK patients. We understand the importance of having good vision. We know that here in the Pacific Northwest, people love the outdoors. Many of us are bicyclists, hikers, camping and fishing enthusiasts, kayakers, and gardeners. Many people love to be out in the elements, rain or shine, taking in the fresh air and living life to the fullest. The professionals at Restore Vision Centers realize that living life to the fullest is dependent on having good vision. No one wants to have to worry about losing a contact lens along a forest trail or dropping a pair of glasses into the river. That is why we provide top-quality laser eye surgery for our Willamette Valley and Portland patients.

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Portland, Oregon

Advanced LASIK Technology

Restore Vision Centers OfficeWithin the last few years, great strides have been made in the field of LASIK technology. The equipment and techniques used to perform LASIK procedures have been developed and refined, allowing for easier, more accurate treatment with a lower chance of side effects. Restore Vision Centers stays up-to-date with the newest and most accurate laser eye surgery systems available, focusing our resources on providing the best care possible. At Restore Vision Centers, we offer patients in Eugene, Salem, and Portland an experienced LASIK surgeon who is an expert at using our newest and most advanced technology.

Patient Testimonials

When it comes to distinguishing one LASIK surgery center from another, the experience and expertise of the staff is what matters most. The best technology is only as safe and effective as the LASIK surgeon handling it. That is why we insist that our surgeons and staff be extensively trained and detail oriented. We also believe that it is important to focus on the patient and remember that every procedure is unique, because every patient is unique. Read about the LASIK surgery experiences of our Portland, Eugene, and Salem area patients to learn what really sets Restore Vision Centers apart.

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