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At the Restore Vision Centers location near Portland, Oregon, wavefront LASIK is only the beginning. We bring the most advanced and reliable tools, equipment, and software together under one roof to maximize your vision correction potential. Since LASIK surgery is our only business, we have dedicated our resources to the best tools and technologies that the industry has to offer.

Iris Registration

Iris registration is an exciting new addition to the LASIK technology collection at our location near Portland, Oregon. Similar to the technology used in eye-scanning security devices, iris registration identifies the unique characteristics and patterns of an individual iris and uses this "fingerprint" of the eye to align the laser treatment precisely. It is a known fact that, due to gravitational forces, the shape of the eye changes slightly when a person moves from an upright, sitting position to a reclining position. Iris registration is capable of detecting this subtle shift and accommodating for it. The system can also track any movement of the eye before and during surgery, using the eye's innate characteristics to ensure the laser is aligned perfectly.

Used as a component of the wavefront LASIK system and only available from VISX, iris registration results in the most precise and customized laser vision correction treatment ever. Due to the extremely high level of accuracy now attainable with this technology, LASIK patients are experiencing even more amazing results and lower rates of residual refractive error.

Although most people are good candidates for iris registration, some people may not qualify. This will be determined prior to and during surgery. For patients at our Portland area location who undergo wavefront LASIK treatment and qualify for iris registration, the technology will be applied at no extra charge.

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VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser with wavefront Technology

The VISX Star S4 Excimer Laser is used by more doctors than any other laser. Its history of success speaks for itself. The most recent model, in use at our Portland, Oregon-area office, has incorporated all the latest technology to allow our eye care experts to perform wavefront LASIK surgeries that are as personalized, accurate, and as safe as they possibly can be. Some of the revolutionary new technologies available on the Star S4 include:

Variable Spot Scanning (VSS)

Variable spot scanning allows the laser beam to be adjusted for size and shape. This VISX technology contributes to customized refractive surgeries by allowing the doctor to choose the precise configuration to suit a patient's individual needs. Unlike laser systems that do not have this technology, the Star S4 laser is able to ensure that only the necessary amount of corneal tissue is removed, resulting in safer procedures with more accurate outcomes.

Variable Repetition Rate (VRR)

Procedure times are expedited through the use of Variable Repetition Rate technology. With VRR, the laser will pulse at different rates, according to the size of the area being treated at any given time. When treating a smaller area, the laser pulses more rapidly, effectively shortening the overall amount of time needed for the procedure. Quick treatments limit cornea dehydration and decrease outcome variability.

ActiveTrak 3-D Active Eye Tracking

ActiveTrak 3-D Active Eye Tracking gives patients peace of mind that their treatment will not be compromised if their eyes involuntarily shift during the LASIK procedure. This technology allows the laser to detect any movement of the eye and follow it, keeping the treatment properly aligned and improving the accuracy of the procedure.

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WaveScan Diagnostics

Every eye is unique. Like snowflakes, eyes have individual, microscopic distinctions in shape and form that make no two exactly the same. Therefore, it is impossible to achieve optimal vision correction with a traditional, one-size-fits-all treatment. At our Portland-area office, we offer wavefront LASIK with WaveScan Diagnostic technology to make it possible to customize laser treatments to the individual specifications of each eye. This maximizes the vision correction potential and minimizes the need for enhancement procedures.

When used before wavefront LASIK vision correction, the WaveScan first makes a detailed map of the eye, measuring the exact refractive error and detecting any slight imperfections in the shape or surface of the eye. Once this in-depth information is collected, it is then automatically translated to a set of treatment instructions that are communicated directly to the laser. The wavefront LASIK system uses this set of instructions to customize the vision correction treatment by taking into account the unique characteristics of the eye and the refractive error to create the optimal corneal shape and the clearest possible vision.

This technology, first developed as a way to improve the acuity of high-powered telescopes, is capable of measuring ocular imperfections 25 times more accurately than past systems. For our Portland-area wavefront LASIK patients, we wouldn't accept anything less.

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Orbtek Orbscan

Good vision is not just about what is on the surface. That is why, at Restore Vision Centers, we use the Orbtek Orbscan system to get an accurate and detailed map of the whole cornea, not just the exterior.

The Orbtek Orbscan is used at our Portland center during the screening process to determine a patient's candidacy for LASIK surgery. In rare cases, there may be certain abnormalities at the rear of the cornea that cannot be repaired with laser vision correction and that will adversely affect the outcome of a LASIK procedure. The topographical map of the eye that is created with this technology is able to reveal any such abnormalities, thus preventing patients who are not good candidates from suffering the frustrations of a less-than-optimal procedure.

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Hansatome Microkeratome

The highest-quality, most accurate wavefront LASIK system in the world is ineffective without the proper equipment to accurately create a corneal flap. At Restore Vision Centers, we trust only the Hansatome microkeratome because it is the most accurate and reliable flap-cutting device available. It is a fully automated system, capable of creating larger, thinner flaps than other microkeratomes. Corneal flaps that are created with the Hansatome microkeratome have a lower chance of complications, heal faster, and cause less discomfort than those created with other devices.

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Flap Aspiration

Sometimes the best technique is not the newest or most innovative. Many laser vision correction centers have stopped performing some traditional procedures, such as flap aspiration, insisting that they are unnecessary. At Restore Vision Centers, however, we believe that any procedure that can contribute to a healthier and more effective LASIK experience should be available to our patients. Flap aspiration simply involves the cleaning of the exposed surfaces of the cornea and corneal flap before re-matching them. This simple step only takes a couple of extra minutes, and it significantly reduces the chances of infection while encouraging more rapid healing of the cornea after LASIK surgery.

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Available at our Portland, Oregon, center, wavefront LASIK technology at Restore Vision Centers is only one of the many high-end systems we use to help our patients achieve excellent vision correction results.

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