Why Do Patients Choose Restore Vision Centers?

1. Experience

Dr. Mark Walker and Dr. Eugene Iwanyk, renowned vision correction surgeons, have performed more than 45,000 LASIK procedures each, for a total of more than 100,000 procedures. Through this vast experience, they have sharpened their skills and developed the ability to provide precise vision correction results. In addition, they have developed a highly attuned understanding of complex cases, the potential risks of surgery and how to prevent complications. 

2. Education

Drs. Walker and Iwanyk have received many years of education from renowned educational and surgical training institutions. Dr. Walker is the only LASIK-dedicated surgeon in the Northwest with fellowship training exclusively in refractive surgery. In addition, he is one of a select few LASIK surgeons who has undergone advanced training in both refractive eye surgery and the physiology of the cornea. Dr. Iwanyk’s education includes a medical degree from the prestigious F. Edward Hébert Health Sciences School of Medicine, which is affiliated with the National Institutes of Health. During his residency at Walter Reed Hospital, Dr. Iwanyk was the Chief Resident of Ophthalmology.

3. Advanced Technology and "Bladeless" Lasik

Restore Vision Centers uses the VISX Star S4 laser with CustomVue Wavefront LASIK technology. This system allows for highly precise measurements of each patient’s unique eye characteristics and refractive errors. In addition, Restore Vision Centers offers IntraLase “bladeless” LASIK. With this system, the creation of the corneal flap, a necessary part of the LASIK procedure, is performed using an IntraLase laser rather than a microkeratome, the surgical tool used in traditional LASIK. When performing iLASIK, the surgeons combine CustomVue Wavefront LASIK and IntraLase for an extremely precise vision correction result.

4. Impeccable Results

Due to their use of the most sophisticated laser vision correction technology, along with their extensive education, experience and skill, Drs. Walker and Iwanyk are able to deliver impressive surgical outcomes. In fact, less than 4-6 percent of their patients need a secondary “touch-up” laser treatment following their primary LASIK treatment. This number is less than half the national average of 10-12 percent.

5. Upfront, Straightforward Pricing

Some laser vision centers intentionally mislead patients by quoting a price for one eye and then doubling it for both eyes. At Restore Vision Centers, we quote for both eyes upfront. In addition, we are straightforward with our patients when it comes to price. We do not advertise one price and charge another, nor do we engage in tiered pricing.

6. Easy Financing

Restore Vision Centers makes several financing options available through Care Credit to help LASIK patients afford the cost of surgery. We offer $0 down, 0 percent financing for up to two years, making payments for Wavefront LASIK less than $138 per month. In addition, some insurance companies offer coverage or discounts for LASIK, and some companies provide flex spending accounts, which allow their employees to use pre-tax money for elective procedures such as laser eye surgery.

7. Convenience

Restore Vision Centers has five convenient surgical centers in located in Seattle, Spokane, Portland, Redmond and Boise. Our Seattle, Washington, office is the longest-standing LASIK-dedicated center in the Northwest (operating since 1999). In addition, we have a large optometrist network that provides local preoperative and postoperative care.

8. Patient Satisfaction

Restore Vision Centers patients routinely rate their surgeons highly and recommend them to their friends and family, as is clearly evident in the glowing testimonials frequently provided by satisfied patients.

9. Caring, Well-Trained Team

The staff at Restore Vision Centers consists of highly trained, compassionate medical professionals who have dedicated their careers to assisting patients in their goal of achieving improved vision.

10. Safety

At Restore Vision Centers, patient safety is priority number one. Drs. Walker and Iwanyk provide thorough preoperative exams to ensure that each patient is a qualified candidate with a high probability of a successful, safe outcome. They will not perform laser eye surgery on any patient whom they don't believe will have a successful outcome. This conservative approach, combined with their vast experience and use of the most leading-edge technology, results in overwhelmingly positive outcomes with minimal complications.

Restore Vision Centers provides a wide array of laser vision correction procedures to patients in Seattle, Spokane, Boise, Billings, Bend, Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest. In addition to performing LASIK and iLASIK, Drs. Walker and Iwanyk offer Latisse eyelash enhancing formula and are known as excellent PRK providers. They use the latest, most sophisticated laser technologies and offer comprehensive pre- and postoperative care in order to ensure optimum vision correction results.

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