How Permanent is LASIK?

Three generations of womenA common question we get at Restore Vision Centers is, “How long do LASIK results last?”  With modern technology, the answer is, “forever”, but with a few important exceptions:

  • A patient’s prescription must be stable at the time of LASIK.  Patients must be at least 18 years old to have laser vision correction, but some patients’ eyes are still changing at that age.  A stable prescription is generally defined as a change of less than .5D in one year.
  • The higher a patients’ prescription, the more likely a patient is to need an enhancement or “touch-up”.  Most enhancements are done 3-6 months after the original procedure.
  • While distance vision will generally remain stable after LASIK, patients will still lose their near vision in their 40’s as part of the natural “aging” of the eyes.  Laser vision correction does not prevent the eventual need for reading glasses.
  • Patients will still develop cataracts as they age.  Refractive surgery does not prevent cataracts, nor does it make cataract surgery more difficult when the need arises.

One of the many advantages of modern LASIK technology is the long term vision stability.  What is your question about the procedure?