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Quotes Icon LASIK has become the most popular surgical procedure in the United States, and with today’s outstanding success rates and safety profile, it’s easy to see why.”

Mark Walker, MD

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Is LASIK right for you?  Dealing with the constant spots and smudges on your glasses or the hassle of contacts is no way to live life.  Laser vision correction is a life-changing investment.  The procedure is safe and more cost effective than wearing glasses and contacts.  At Restore Vision Centers, we specialize in laser vision correction.  Our practice is solely dedicated to refractive surgery, LASIK is what we do.  Your vision is important which is why we only use the most trusted FDA-approved lasers to provide you with amazing outcomes.  Imagine hiking without your glasses fogging up or camping without “attempting” to put in your contacts.  Waking up in the morning and being able to see is a life-changing moment.  What are you looking forward to doing without glasses and contacts?


Why Patients Choose Restore Vision Centers?

Passionate Patient Care
Both of our surgeons and most of our staff have had LASIK.  From the initial consultation to procedure to post care visits, we can relate and explain the entire procedure like no one else can.

LocalLocal Care
We work with over 400 optometrists across the Northwest, allowing you to have convenient follow-up care.  Restore Vision Centers has five surgical centers in Seattle; Spokane, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Redmond, Oregon; and Boise, Idaho.

Founded in 1999, our surgeons have performed over 100,000 LASIK procedures, placing them among the most experienced surgeons in the United States.


Restore Vision Centers has upfront, competitive prices.  We offer a variety of procedures to meet your lifestyle needs and our surgeon will help determine which procedure is right for you.


Millions of people have changed their lives with LASIK.  One of the safest and most effective medical procedures available.  At Restore Vision Centers, we understand that you may be nervous so we want you to be informed and comfortable with the entire process.  Your sight is precious, so you want the very best.  Restore Vision Centers offers the iLASIK procedure for unsurpassed safety and results.  This procedure is 100% bladeless and uses Wavefront Guided technology for a truly customized treatment.


At Restore Vision Centers, we believe that laser vision correction is an investment and everyone deserves to love their vision.  We strive to continually provide affordable procedures while achieving amazing results.  We offer 24 month 0% financing through CareCredit.  The most your monthly payment will be is $184.


We Want Our Patients to Love Their Vision

Quotes IconDuring my qualifying exam for the Air Force, the doctor said that I had some of the best results from laser eye surgery he had ever seen. And this is a doctor who qualifies pilots for the Air Force and NASA.

I used to fly cargo throughout the Midwest, usually at night. While researching LASIK companies, I heard about Restore Vision Centers from a flying buddy. I moved cautiously forward since eyesight to a pilot is so important. I found Restore Vision Centers had the best of everything. The experience was exceptional.

I am now seeing 20/20 out of both eyes, have had no side effects, and I didn’t have to spend a fortune! Not having to wear glasses or relying on contacts makes it all worth it.”

Patient Testimonial


Eric Davison
Officer, US Air Force
Brooks AFB, San Antonio, TX

Quotes IconLaser vision correction has been the best investment that I have ever made.  I have worn contacts for 17 years and glasses for 30 years.  It is so great to wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock clearly without squinting.  The procedure was so fast and easy, and everyone was so helpful and made me feel very comfortable. My co-workers laugh at me when I look at our small office clock on the wall and say, “I can read the clock (giggle), and I’m not wearing my contacts.” I highly recommend Restore Vision Centers to all my friends and family.”

LASIK Reviewer


Anna Garcia
Silverdale, WA

5 Convenient Locations Across the Pacific Northwest

Washington   Oregon   Idaho

Seattle, Washington

Seattle, WA


location-icon1300 SW 7th St,
Suite 105
Renton, WA 98057

Spokane, Washington

Spokane, WA


location-icon2204 E 29th Ave,
Suite 110
Spokane, WA 99203

Bend, OR

Redmond, OR


location-icon1000 SW Indian Ave
Redmond, OR 97756

Portland, Oregon

Portland, OR


location-icon17400 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd,
Suite 280
Portland, OR 97224


Boise, ID


location-icon8756 W Emerald St,
Suite 196
Boise, ID 83704
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